by The Calm Before

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Hello friend, I've forgotten your name.

Video - TCB compilation of 2012-2013:


Liar, you'll fall back on me. Your thoughtless pretentiousness, you're constantly a coward; get up off your knees. You're faithless, you're done for, you've turned out so weak.

Let the earth rise up around me, and bring me down for eternity. I am caged by your demons.

The pain breaks me.

I swear it's all I know, yet I still have so far to go.
In the space of a smile, I found sleep. In the space of you, filled with grief.

I found sleep.

Don't you remember? Midday, those sun rays were all we could take.
Take me back to those carefree days, and no more empty feelings.
Just like those fall mornings, I have become so lost in mourning.

My smile is under-used and my lungs are black and bruised.
I will recoil under these sheets, and then I'll pass on comfortably.

I found sleep.

I have become I reproach, a scorn to my neighbors, and a fear to my friends, because of you.
A self-seeking, two-legged being.
Walk the earth, drag your feet in the dirt.
Drag your feet.

I swear it's all I know, and I still have so far to go.
In the space of a smile, I found sleep.
I found sleep.


released September 25, 2013
All recording/production/engineering done by Chris Galvez.
All music written by the calm before.
Thank you to our fans, thank you to those who are still giving what we do the time of day, thank you to all the great individuals we have met so far on our travels as a band.



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The Calm Before Chicago, Illinois

Started in December 2011. Stories from four guys living in the Chicago area.

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