Drift to Me

by The Calm Before

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We worked diligently on this 4 track EP. When writing the songs, we wanted to make something that showed clear improvement of our band, and we hope that whoever listens can find at least one thing they especially love about something in them.
Drift to Me has a strong focus on time and the future, as well as elements of past experiences we have had.


released February 15, 2013

Jackson Greene (formerly of As Hell Retreats)
Dan Lambton (Real Friends)
Sam Bottner
Amani Khan
Tessa Dane-Henry
Chris Hicks

All of the friends/bands we know who constantly inspire us and others around them: Villains, Prospects, Arkham, Narrow Hearts, Steady Hands, Barrier, Hold the Throne



all rights reserved


The Calm Before Chicago, Illinois

Started in December 2011. Stories from four guys living in the Chicago area.

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Track Name: Barricade
If all the air in my lungs could serve a purpose, it would be shouting the needs of my perfect world from inside of me.

Slide the deadbolt, a new sight to see.

Throw myself out each window of opportunity.

So conditioned, time moves fast and you're lost behind.

I'll take this fault, it's mine this time.

Spend each minute wasting your words on me.

Vulnerable spots light your face.

Blistered hands and a taste, a taste of shared spaces are now laid to waste.

Standing side by side, I could point you out, cause I know what you're all about.

From day to day, you have nothing more you need to say.

I thought my path was hidden, but now it's written so I can see everything that I've lost.

It's time to move.

Just a soul sucker and a life taker, I know who you are.

Just a soul sucker and a dream-breaker. I know who you are, life taker.

I find myself faking every interaction.

Bitter feelings I hope to erase.

The mind's eye.

My mind's eye takes it's place.

This still replays in my mind.

It never rests.
Track Name: Half Awake
I'm okay, just half awake, pushing life away with limbs tied and eyes blind.

Floating from place to place just to feel something fine.

I've always felt the pain that I've been dealt, and I'd like to think that you're the only one I've ever held.

I've come to terms that I will feel nothing.

Let's be honest, who do you think is at your back even when it's clear that you have nothing left?

Let's be honest, who do you think is at your back?

Today, my heart drifts away.

I'm okay. Just half awake.
Track Name: Rest (ft. Dan of Real Friends)
No rest in 19 years, the task at hand keeps me up at night.

You call it what you will, I know I'm losing my time.

Seems like just yesterday, I took for granted what I'm missing now.

I know I'm losing my time.

Keeping track of my time.

Force up the effort to tell me how.

Hollow, but no longer now.

Force up the effort to tell me how.

I know I'm losing my time, but I'm keeping track of what is mine.

I'm ready to move on from here.

I'll put aside all of my fears.

Running myself out of ground, I'm running myself down.

I took for granted what I'm missing now.

It's worth every ounce of what I may or may not feel.

This time, one year ago, I couldn't tell you where I'd be.

You could travel this world in search of me.

This time, can you tell me where I'd be?

Tell me where I'll be.

I was lost like you

Don't speak of this, this won't last.

There's a place that we can reach

There's a place where we can be

No rest in 19 years.
Track Name: Burden (ft. Jackson Greene)
It never made sense.

I'm always biding my time and thinking about these choices and familiar faces.

I won't wake up to the same damn thing every day.

I've got a purpose and it keeps me going.

Conscious of, but still unclear.

A story and its writer lay here.

Frail shoulders curved with a burden.

Weight of it all is haunting me.

Set down on this written path, it's been one year but no time has passed.

Something has to change this.

Drift away

Drift to me

Let us recall how I carried this weight

My anger, it surpassed my fate but I cannot wake.

Misdirected, skeptical, and tormented.

Speak of the memory, hope for humanity.

My thoughts recur and my pasts endures every last shade of grey, but there is no absence.

Half a smile and my hard times, but you're not my burden.